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The Benefits of Shopping Seasonally
Posted Sunday October 15, 2017 in Home + Lifestyle

  You’ve probably heard about shopping seasonally, but you might not know about the benefits. Eating seasonally means buying produce that’s grown around the time you purchase it rather than produce that’s stored for long periods of time or grown through artificial means.  Each season is known for naturally producing specific fruits and vegetables, and… Read more »

Fed minutes reveal low inflation numbers could be long-term, but rate hike still likely
Posted Saturday October 14, 2017 in Industry News

Newly released minutes from the Fed’s September meeting show several members of the Federal Open Markets Committee voiced their concern over persistently low inflation rates during the meeting. But despite this concern over inflation, many Fed members are still anticipating voting for a rate hike in December. But this inconsistency is confusing at best, and… Read more »

New Data Identifies the Average Millennial Mortgage Borrower
Posted Friday October 6, 2017 in Industry News

It’s pretty clear that millennials are becoming the largest group of homebuyers on the market. And though no two millennials are identical or have the same financial situation, it’s a good idea to understand the millennial homebuyer. And now, we have the data to do just that. So what does the average millennial homebuyer look… Read more »

10 Quick Home Improvement Projects for Under $100
Posted Wednesday October 4, 2017 in Home + Lifestyle

Working on your home can be satisfying, but it can also increase your home’s value by making it more attractive to perspective buyers. Not only that, but it can also be fun, and the result is a more comfortable and personal space. And the best part is, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Here are… Read more »

5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Paint Job
Posted Friday September 29, 2017 in Home + Lifestyle

Painting can breath new life into a room and change the look of it entirely. But if you don’t prepare, painting can be tricky business. With these simple tricks, you’ll love the outcome and may even enjoy the process!  Here’s what you should do: Prep your walls. You may think that a new coat of… Read more »

Efficiency and User Experience in the Lending Process
Posted Monday September 25, 2017 in Industry News, Recruitment

Every person working in the mortgage industry and every mortgage consumer has at some point thought, “I wish this process were faster.” If the closing process were sped up, everyone would benefit. But there have been lots of obstacles like compliance and antiquated technology that slow things down.  And a confusing interface that makes borrowers… Read more »

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