Joe Tishkoff is one of my most trusted and valuable colleagues. He is experienced and knowledgeable regarding all facets of real estate.

He has a terrific team of very professional assistants and even the more challenging transactions are handled in a swift efficient manner. I can honestly say I have never once been disappointed by Joe.

It is with the utmost confidence that I happily refer Joe Tishkoff to my clients, friends and fellow Realtors.
Jessyca Nygren
Broker Associate
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

A huge thank you for fielding what seemed like our “never-ending” questions. As a first time home buyer this felt easy and I was continuously informed. Your team made this process NOT scary, and for me; that was a difficult task. It never felt like I was being taken advantage of or “sold to” any anytime.

Skyline’s working style fit perfectly in my hectic “I don’t have time to breathe” life. I never felt rushed or panicked. You explored the options I needed to feel comfortable in taking this big leap and if it wasn’t for Lexi’s full 6-8 option breakdown scenarios over the phone one afternoon…I definitely would not have felt like I made the right loan choice. Joe; your screenshots I took and interactive loan comparatives we’re great. They gave me side by side information to really digest and 100% confirm that what I was choosing was the best fit for my family.

Clearly this team worked hard to make it happen and as someone who considers themselves lucky in life, this triad adds to my never-ending luck of finding the perfect fit, for the perfect house for our perfect little family.

Hooray!! Thank you so much Joe for making this super easy on me despite all the challenges along the way. Michele and Tammy thank you both for answering all the questions I ended up having, and a huge thank you to Maryna for being the best agent ever and making those long trips for me! This has been a great and educational experience all around and it was my pleasure sharing that experience with you. I’d also be more than happy to share my experiences with friends/associates, you have all been great.

Thanks again so much, and hope you all have an amazing holiday season!

Matt F

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    Special thank you to Joe Tishkoff, he made it happen! He is great at what he does, great communication and very professional.


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    Thank you so much for all your help! We were really happy to have come back to you, it was one of the best choices we made. We would like to specially thank you for answering all of our questions and helping us clarify things when others did not. I will definitely recommend you to others and hope to work with you again.
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    Joe Tishkoff is fantastic. He walked me through everything step by step, was always in communication so I knew exactly what to expect and when, and was the ultimate calming force in what is a very stressful time. Thank you, Joe and Marsha!
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    Fantastic! Clear comprehensible communication.
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    Joe has been amazing to work with, as well as the other staff members working with him that we have dealt with. We appreciate all the explanations, we were left with minimal questions. That being said, that they were able to guide us through each of them that came up quickly as we are newer to the home loan process.
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    I had checked with other mortgage companies before contacting Joe and none gave me the information or suggestions Joe and his staff did. They were great in getting loan finalized !!
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    I am very happy and satisfied on the service you rendered. Thanks
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    Joe always returns calls and emails promptly. Knowledgable and friendly. It’s always an easy and fairly quick process. I keep using skyline because I trust them to do their best for me and my needs. The process is always quick and painless. I’m not an expert in finances so I depend upon Skyline to act in my best interests. I’ve used them for around 10 years and it’s always been a great experience.

    Anna Mueller

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    Joe and his team always make you feel so comfortable thru the process. I wish I could use them for all my needs in life. 🙂

    Todd Parr

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    Awesome. Faster than a rocket, yet quality over quickness.

    Douglas Fabrick

These testimonials were provided by real clients or business partners and are based on real experiences however, individual experiences may vary.

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