Ten Steps To Buying a Home

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment you’ll ever make. But it isn’t just a dollars-and-cents investment – it’s an investment in your life. Joe Tishkoff at Skyline Home Loans has all the home buy ing resources and services you need. And best of all, he’ll be with you every step of the way.

Step 1 – Choose a Realtor

If you need a reliable realtor, let us know and
we can refer you to one of the best!

Step 2 – Get Pre-Approved

Meet with Joe Tishkoff & Team and get
pre-approved for a loan. Items you’ll need
handy when speaking will be your last two
pay stubs, last year’s W2 form, last year’s
tax return and a copy of your latest bank

Step 3 – Refine Your Focus

Detailing your housing needs, wants, and
budget will be helpful. Ask your realtor for
any house hunting tools they may have.

Step 4 – View Properties

Visit homeloansbyjoe.com to start your home
search. Once you find homes that meet your
needs, tour several of them and get a feel for
the market. Then make your selection.

Step 5 – Make an Offer

If you know you’ve found the right property,
you may need to act fast depending on
market conditions. Your realtor to prepare
and present your offer to the seller in the best
possible light.

Step 6 – Negotiate Terms

Counter-offers are common in real estate. Be prepared to be a little flexible on price, closing date, appliances or repairs.

Step 7 – Get an Inspection

This is your best chance to have your property’s systems and structure evaluated. An
experienced, outside professional is worth every penny. And you may want to add a home warranty to cover appliances and systems that
could break down up to a year after you close.

Step 8 – Do A Walkthrough

Shortly before closing, do a final walkthrough of the house to make sure everything you thought was included in the purchase agreement has remained on the property.

Step 9 – Close

At closing, you will review and sign the relevant closing papers. Then, after providing a cashier’s
or certified check for the down payment and closing costs, the keys are passed to you and the house is yours!

Step 10 – Move In!

Use a checklist to plan your move so nothing is
forgotten. Check online for one that suits your
specific needs.

For a detailed explanation of these steps, click here to download the full article.

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